I have been using the term ‘theological correctness’ now for some years, and when I am asked what it means, I say I just made it up, but it refers to the theological equivalent of political correctness. I just googled the term and notice that it is far from unique to me, but it is a handy term, so I will keep running with it.

PC, or political correctness, is now being escorted by TC, or theological correctness. Just as one can be politically incorrect, so too now one can be theologically incorrect. PC has to do with never daring to offend any group in the political or social arenas (except Christians of course).

Thus it is politically incorrect to dare to say anything critical or disparaging of the militant homosexual lobby, or the radical feminists, and so on. It is a form of censorship wherein certain topics are now simply off limits, and we are expected never to open our mouths about them.

To do so means one is politically incorrect. Of course I and many others wear our political incorrectness as a badge of honour. I will keep on speaking truth in the public until the forces of PC finally shut me down altogether.

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