The new way of gaining publicity for your church has been established. Be offensive. Think about all the air time that the Westboro Baptist Church has received. Over the last few months, and especially this week, Terry Jones has become a household name (I wrote about that story here).
The media takes these fringe groups and gives them instant publicity. They become well-known. People with little contact to true Christianity, hear these stories, and associate them with the true faith. They begin to believe that this is what the Christian faith leads to.
It is sad fact that some are given this picture of my faith. I say “my faith” because it is personally offensive to me that these are held up as examples of what Christians do. I have no problem with Christianity being offensive to the world. In fact, I expect it to be (1 Corinthians 2). However, I have a huge problem when the religion of my Lord is misconstrued into something so hideous.

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