It is not unusual to hear folks say they couldn’t care less about what’s happening in London on April 29.

The royals, after all, are hardly people to whom most of us can relate. They live in castles and hop from skiing in Gstaad to the beaches of Mustique. When not there, it’s polo or rugby or a shooting party, followed by a stiff drink with Granny, the corgies in tow.

Of course, there’s a bit of water under the bridge between us and them. There’s the small matter of the revolution, Mad King George and the “original” Tea Party and all that. But since the bloody and fierce-fought revolution and the severing of our British apron strings, we’ve come together in some of the biggest moments in history. From World War I, to Thatcher and Reagan vs. the Soviet Union, to the recent conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya, England has been our truest friend.

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