It’s been quite the week for Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Iowa. Just days after the likely White House contender took a stand against the budget compromise bill that averted a government shutdown—holding fast to the originally promised $61 billion in cuts—her social agenda received an opportune bully pulpit Monday in Iowa at the Family Leader presidential lecture series.

Citing her Christian faith, Bachmann told the Iowa crowd that she has been actively fighting for a constitutional amendment in Minnesota that would ban gay marriage and that she and her husband have acted as “sidewalk counselors” against abortion, Reuters reports. According to the Des Moines Register, she said that when she was 16, she would “set my alarm for 5:30 in the morning because I was so hungry for the word, that I wanted to read His word…. I hadn’t come out of a wild drug-addicted life or anything like that, but it doesn’t matter. I was still a sinner and I knew it.”

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