In a move which only can be described as jumping out of the pan into the fire, the Australian government has come up with this brilliant idea: in order to deal with sexual abuse issues and the poor treatment of women in the military, we need to now integrate women fully into the military, including in frontline combat.

Yep, that should keep women more safe and secure. That should solve the problems of abuse, mistreatment and male aggression. Put them on the front lines and talk about ‘women’s career opportunities and advancement’ and so on. Put them in a hormonally charged environment where the pressure to find sexual release is even stronger than normal, and see just how much problems of sexual abuse are lessened.

But there is a clear reason for this madness. Feminists have long argued for not just the right but the necessity of having women in combat roles. This is part of their vain attempt to push for androgyny and a gender-neutral society. It is part of their attempt to dismantle the idea that men and women are different. ‘Anything men can do, women can do’ is the catchcry of these feminists.

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