College is a crucial time to prepare for the life God wants you to enjoy as a young adult – an independent, productive life focused on fulfilling His purposes for you. Yet many college students today move back home with their parents after graduating, with debt to pay off from college costs but no job lined up, and confusion about God’s calling for them.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you. If you avoid common mistakes students make while in college, you can do much more than just survive the experience. You can thrive, turning college into a launching pad for an adulthood in which you reach your full, God-given potential.

Here’s how you can thrive at college:

Grow closer to God. Don’t make the mistake of throwing away your faith in college. Expect that your faith will be questioned and sometimes attacked at college – even if you’re attending a Christian college – as you interact with students and professors who have different perspectives on faith and Christian theology. But use those challenges as opportunities to seek God in fresh ways and discover more about what you believe and why, which will ultimately deepen your faith because God has promised to be found by those who search for Him wholeheartedly.

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