The Bible claims that its various books are not the product of mere men, but the product of the Holy Spirit’s special guidance. It claims that the Holy Spirit prompted these men to write what they wrote in the exact form that God wanted it so that it would express his revelation to mankind. The basic contention of the Bible is that God has spoken to man through the ancient prophets, and through Christ (Hebrews 1:1-2).

The Bible says the Scriptures are “God breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16). The Bible claims that “men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit,” (2 Peter 1:21). The fact that it says that the “Scriptures” are inspired means that the written product is exactly as God intended for it to be (Matthew 5:18).

In the Old Testament, God used men called prophets to speak and write his word for the people. The first and greatest of these was Moses, who wrote the Pentateuch. Moses wrote the “book of the Law” and it was placed in the holy place beside the ark of the covenant as a perpetual witness of the will of God to the people (Deut. 31:24-26). The prophets after Moses, spoke from God, calling people back to obey the law and revealing God’s will on numerous other matters. More than 2000 times in the books of the prophets the phrase “Thus says the Lord” occurs. These books often begin with statements like “The word of the Lord came to …” or “The vision of Isaiah the son of Amos which he saw…” They clearly claim to be the revelations of God. As New Testament writers quote portions of the Old Testament, they recognize the inspired nature of those writings and the authority they carry (Acts 4:25; 1 Corinthians 10:11-12; 2 Timothy 3:15).

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