I never really enjoyed politics. This is due to several reasons. Perhaps it was the memorization of numerous dates and names in high school history classes, or it could just be the fact that I had no say in politics until a couple of years ago. Regardless of reasoning, my apathy for politics has suddenly subsided with my recent involvement in an international relations course at the university I attend. Whether we realize it or not, our world is figuratively shrinking due to communicative technology, transportation, important relationships with other nations, and many other reasons. With this “globalization”, comes a need for intelligent leaders who can discern what is best for our blessed nation. Needless to say, America has been through a lot, but for the most part, our nation has been blessed.

However, there is a problem. Merely flipping through channels on the television will engulf a person in a wave of negativity. Ever notice that this negativity is especially prevalent on news and political channels? However, television is not the only place negativity about government is heard. In fact, many fellow Christians feel that it is their only responsibility to government is to complain. This completely contradicts the example set for believers in the Biblical text.

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