Rev. Franklin Graham, Pastor Tim Keller and Rev. Al Sharpton discuss religion in America.

As heated political rhetoric escalates and acts of religious intolerance arise across the nation, a group of prominent religious leaders joined Christiane Amanpour on “This Week” to discuss the role of religion in government and what can be done to promote civil discourse.

“A hundred years ago the social safety net in the country was provided by the church,” the Rev. Franklin Graham told Christiane Amanpour. “If you didn’t have a job, you’d go to your local church and ask the pastor if he knew somebody that could hire him. If you were hungry, you went to the local church and told them, ‘I can’t feed my family.’ And the church would help you. And that’s not being done.”

Graham’s comments come as people across the country debate the degree to which the government should manage social programs including Medicare, social security and health care.

“The government took that,” Graham said. “They had more money to give and more programs to give and pretty soon the churches just backed off.”

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