I will never understand the appeal of jigsaw puzzles. Who in the world thought up the idea of cutting up a picture and putting it back together again? If I take a picture that means a lot to me, and somebody comes and tears it to pieces and tells me to put it back together again, I’ll honestly be pretty mad. Yet for some reason, I’ve been told that some people actually enjoy jigsaw puzzles. Now I hope I haven’t offended the 5 of you that enjoy puzzles. If I have, let me offer an interesting fact. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, in Germany some 15,000 enthusiasts have come together in only five hours to assemble a 1,141,800 piece puzzle, forming a nearly 6,500-square foot (600-square meter) puzzle–setting the world record for the largest jigsaw puzzle. That is pretty incredible, but regardless of how incredible a 1,141,800 piece puzzle is, I am not impressed. In fact, I don’t even agree with this statistic. I think Guinness needs to check their records, and I will tell you why. I do not know the exact number, but there are several million members of the church of Christ. You might be asking, how does that relate to a jigsaw puzzle? 1 Corinthians 12:12 says that every Christian is an equal member of Christ’s body. Each member is a puzzle piece that makes up Christ’s body. Now, you may think a 1,141,800 piece puzzle is tough to put together, but try unifying several million Christians. Some would say it cannot be done, but I disagree. Some would say the conflict present in our church cannot be managed, but if we look at God’s word on the matter, perhaps we can find some reasons for unity.

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