A prominent mathematics professor says the science classroom is not the only place to have an academic debate about the existence of God.

Dr. Marvin Bittinger, professor emeritus of mathematics education at Indiana University – Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI), is author of the new book, The Faith Equation: Mathematical Evidence for Christianity. He says there is plenty of evidence that supports the Christian faith, and since he is interested in math, he has detailed in his book the mathematical aspects, including prophesies.

“Hundreds, if not thousands of prophecies have been made in the Bible [that] have come true, none of which have failed. If you compute or reason a probability of all of those prophecies happening, it’s pretty close to zero, but it’s one because they’ve happened,” Dr. Bittinger reasons. “And that staggering contrast gives me more faith and the reliability of the Bible that I can count on…and it also tells me I better pay attention to the prophecies that are unresolved because they’re going to happen.”

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