Wildfires recently destroyed 120,000 acres and 180 homes in an area 100 miles west of the city where I live. Driving through the region, I was amazed by the indiscriminate nature of the damage. A torched field stood next to an untouched wooden swing set. First Baptist Church of Possum Kingdom lost their sanctuary but their gymnasium was intact. Why the winds push wildfires in one direction and not another is a mystery.

Since January, we have watched the wildfires of change sweep across the Arab world. What will be the result of this pro-democracy movement in coming months and years? What lessons for our churches can we learn from the so-called “Arab Spring”?

Francis Fukuyama (Ph.D. in Political Science from Harvard) is one of the best-known political theorists of our day, with appointments at both Johns Hopkins and Stanford University. In “Political Order in Egypt,” an article in the current edition of The American Interest journal, he explains the revolutions in the Arab world in the most cohesive and compelling way I have discovered.

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