The specter of socialism is haunting America. Fiscal conservatives think that the Great Shellacking of 2010 put that specter to flight. But many of my colleagues believe that by repealing Obamacare—or by having it struck down in the courts—and then putting a stop this to the president’s taxing and spending will dispel the threat of socialism forever.

“While pursuing such worthy and urgent goals,” they say, “we must let social issues take a back seat.” But social issues are exactly what may speed us down the path to a socialistic state.

President Barack Obama has said his view of marriage is “evolving.” Actually, it’s devolving. He ordered the Justice Department not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act. Vice President Joe Biden says the granting of marital status to same-sex relationships is “inevitable.” All this occurring after Americans in 32 states voted not to grant such recognition.

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