With 5,000 homes and businesses destroyed in the Tuscaloosa, Ala., area and more than 200 people dead, with others still missing, Christians and non-Christians in the area are struggling through big questions.

First Wesleyan Church in Tuscaloosa, a church of 600 members, went untouched by the tornado that ravaged the city last Wednesday. As they met for worship on Sunday, one of the big questions their community life pastor Scott Moore said they wrestled with is, “How do you talk about God in this? Because to some people this is evidence that God is not real – that He doesn’t care about his people.”

“But I go to Scripture in Psalm 145 where it says God is slow to anger, but is quick to show compassion,” Moore told The Christian Post. “This is not God’s vengeance on us. Scripture says God grieves when we grieve. It says that when Lazarus died, Jesus wept. So I look at this and say, ‘God, where are you going to show up?’ and so many times I remember that Penske truck.”

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