A common argument made by pacifists and/or those who really do not know their Bibles very well is that all killing is wrong because it cuts short a person’s life, thereby possibly preventing them from hearing the gospel and repenting. One hears this objection quite often, and it has even been used concerning the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

‘It is so wrong and so un-Christian to kill Osama – now he will never be able to repent and become a Christian,’ we are told. ‘Because God wants people to come to know him, it is always wrong and always unbiblical to kill anyone,’ they will claim.

But is this in fact true? Is this in fact what the Bible clearly teaches? If so, then we have some major problems here. First and foremost, God is therefore immoral, wrong and unjust, because it is God himself who has allowed killing to take place. He has ordained at least three forms of morally-justifiable killing: self-defence, just war, and capital punishment.

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