Today, on Cinco de Mayo and as part of the 60th annual National Day of Prayer in the U.S., thousands of intercessors will gather in Dallas and Mexico City and at the U.S.-Mexico border to cry out for a breakthrough of God’s power. The focus of our prayers will be to take down the drug cartels and secure our nation’s southern border against drug trafficking and violence.

In response to a prophetic directive given by Cindy Jacobs of Generals International, the United States Hispanic Prayer Network has spearheaded the implementation of a highly strategic 21-day prayer and fasting initiative that culminates today. We have contended in prayer for righteous trade, peace and security along the two nations’ border.

We are believing that God will throw fire on our sacrifice as national and state prayer leaders from across Mexico and the U.S. join us for a simultaneous prayer gathering with other National Day of Prayer events in cities across the U.S. In the coming days, weeks or months, we believe we will see drug-trafficking operations exposed and dissolved, prisoners of the drug war set free, and incidents of violence, kidnapping and extortion dramatically decrease. We need your help and participation during this critical time in the history of Mexico and the United States.

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