The Atlanta-based quintet Family Force 5 is the nation’s finest — actually, the only — practitioner of Christian crunk, a sub-sub-genre that is way less horrible than it sounds. Since its 2006 debut, “Business Up Front/Party in the Back,” FF5 has staked out a narrow middle ground between Christian and secular rock, releasing goofy, good-natured discs that mix emo, pop, hip-hop, grunge, Christian rock and electro.

FF5 has, to a certain extent, bypassed the religious music circuit in favor of rock clubs and Warped Tour stints, which has earned the group detractors in both worlds. Lead guitarist Derek Mount (his nom de Family: Chap Stique) called in from the road to talk about the perils and pleasures of life as Christian crunk icons in a secular world.

Q: What’s it like to be a Christian band on the Warped Tour? Is it like high school, and you’re shunned, sitting at a different lunch table than the other kids?

A: We’ve heard that that takes place with some of the other bands that are Christians on the tour, but never with us. We’ve met a lot of great people there. … We’re used to playing clubs, we all grew up rocking the bar scene, and it’s no different from any other tour, except people don’t shower as much. And the food is amazing.

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