Whenever your decisions are guided by selfishness rather than love for Christ, it’s as if you’re walking around in ugly clothes and not even realizing how distasteful you seem to other people. But when you take off selfish attitudes and put on Christian virtues, others can see incredible beauty when they encounter you.

Here’s how you can put on spiritual clothes that reflect Christ’s character:

Recognize that God has chosen you to wear these clothes. God has chosen you to go on this spiritual journey of developing Christ’s character. You don’t need to be overwhelmed at the thought of how much you need to grow as a person to develop holy virtues to wear, because God knows exactly what kind of help you need, and He will empower you every step of the way.

Invite God to fit you for these clothes. Fitting into spiritual clothes doesn’t happen just by trying to manage your behavior; it becomes possible when you invite God to transform you from the inside out, making you holy. When you cooperate with God’s work in your life to change your soul for the better, you’ll naturally be able to fit into the spiritual clothes that He wants you to wear.

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