It is that time of year again. The time of year when people begin to put away the winter clothes, and begin to introduce the new summer wardrobe. (Well for some people, for me my attire doesn’t change much, I wear a shirt and tie while working, and shorts and a t-shirt when I’m not, no matter the time of year). Commercials fill the air with ads to get yourself into shape for summer, or have the perfect bikini body.
As the temperatures heat up more skin is shown. To the Christian we look at every issues through the lens of Scripture. Even what we wear is under the Lordship of Jesus. Therefore, Christian men and women need to think seriously about the issue of modesty.
The purpose of this article is not to provide a dress code, but rather to lay out specific principles that can aid thoughtful Christians to examine themselves and determine what those who love and fear the Lord should wear.
1. Don’t let the world set your standards. If your definition of thinking through modesty issues is to go to the store and buy whatever they sale, then you have a problem. A lot of stuff that stores sale should not be in the closet of the Christians. Stores are trying to make money, they are not attempting to honor God with their purchases. Christians, though, should be.
2. This is for the parents: You have the right to say NO! This right is God given. The book of Proverbs clearly shows the importance of parents aiding children through wise decisions. Children and teens have the tendency to make foolish decisions. Parents you are there to limit them. When it come to dress and modesty, feel free to be a parent.

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