Crystal Renaud’s eight-year addiction to pornography began at the age of 10, when she inadvertently found a titillating magazine in her brother’s bathroom. Later, masturbation, phone sex and cyber sex insidiously escalated out of the loneliness in her life and continued a cycle of social isolation and shame.

“Pornography became my closest friend. My only friend. Consistent, reliable,” she said.

Renaud, now 26, had heard sermons at her Kansas City megachurch condemning pornography, but none had ever mentioned women. It wasn’t until she met another Christian woman with the same addiction that she realized she was not alone and began a ministry to help others.

Now, Renaud has written about her journey in a new book, “Dirty Girls Come Clean,” which she hopes will help others find the compassion and resources she didn’t get until she was nearly 19.

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