If you just recently heard of Common, you might only know him as the man First Lady Michelle Obama invited to “An Evening of Poetry” at the White House tonight and the rapper who slammed former President George W. Bush with a rhyme.

That line — “Burn a Bush ’cause for peace he no push no button” — is from Common’s poem “Letter to the Law,” which he recited on a 2007 episode of HBO’s “Def Poetry.” It led some to ask how appropriate it was for the White House to host the “vile” and “quite controversial” rapper.

Common doesn’t seem to care. On Tuesday, he tweeted, “So apparently Sarah Palin and Fox News doesn’t like me,” and linked to a post on the conservative site SarahNet questioning Obama’s endorsement of him (the post is no longer accessible). He later wrote “LOL!” in response to a follower who tweeted “[I’d] be more concerned if she DID like you.”

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