I was a raised in a Muslim home in Lebanon where by the age of 10 we recited the Quran three times. My father was a blacksmith. My mother taught us on the kitchen table, my favorite place. The goal is to live our life in accord with the Islamic teaching, obeying Allah and Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. We were poor. I had 14 brothers and sisters. At the age of 7, I went on my first mission to Israel through the Syrian Golan Heights. I had love of Allah, the god of Islam. Allah and Jehovah are two different gods. Islam is about works, not faith; it is what you can do for god, not about what He can do for you (Ephesians 2:8,9).

I learned how to carry out the great commission of Islam given to Muhammad by Allah – to war until the whole world becomes Islamic and the final imam/caliph arises to lead the Islamic world for a total victory against non-Muslims and declares (Ummah) one-world order under Allah. I was a meek and humble boy. My mom said, “You will die for Allah and bring victory for Islam. If you kill a Jew, your hand will light up and heaven will celebrate your victory.” I started fantasizing about dying for Allah. At 5 years old, I started attending the mosque with my family members. The Quran teaches that Muslims will go to hell first before paradise.

The Quran said, “Those who died for the sake of Allah (the Martyrs) are not dead, but alive before Allah prospering.” My mom and dad taught us that with the first drop of blood you become an intercessor for 70 of your immediate family; the second drop of blood, you get 72 virgins in heaven. You earn heaven by a martyr’s blood.

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