As things normally go in the world of professional talk, an off-hand comment by a conservative commentator has provided another occasion for a liberal pundit to make an idiot out of himself (please excuse the redundancy).

In a now well-known clip (thanks to leftist commentator Lawrence O’Donnell, as we shall see), Rush Limbaugh confronts the question some liberals are asking about the federal budget: “What would Jesus cut?” Leftist activists like Jim Wallis of Sojourners respond that Jesus would cut military spending and tax “subsidies” for the rich, but would not cut any “funding focused on reducing poverty” including creating “decent jobs at decent wages.”

(Wallis’ organization is even trying to cash in—capitalist-style—on the slogan, selling “What Would Jesus Cut?” armbands on its website.)

In other words, these leftists think Jesus is a leftist—that He would support the modern leftist Welfare State, take from the rich, cut from the rich, and give to the poor using government coercion.

Mr. Limbaugh (of whom I have no particular interest in defending) exposed their charade: “The question is not, ‘What would Jesus cut?’ The question is, ‘What would Jesus take?’”

A Brief Primer on “Taking”

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