In the weeks before Mike Huckabee punk’d the political press corps with a much-hyped, long drawn-out non-announcement about the presidential campaign he will not be running, he lent his voice to the unofficial website Pray For Huckabee. It consisted of a page that told supporters he was praying about whether or not to pursue the GOP nomination and asked them to pray for him during this time of discernment. Oh, and to please enter their name and contact info.

It would have been a canny move for a future presidential candidate. It was even cannier for a guy who decided he prefers the life of a high-profile figure who can build a house on the coast with the money from his Fox News contract, and pick and choose his speaking appearances, all without the hassles of fundraising or endless debates or watching his weight on the campaign bus. Huckabee’s PAC and its e-mail list will come in handy the next time he has a book or a television special or a speech to promote. He’s crafty like that, that Huckabee.

But now that Huckabee has broken the hearts of social conservatives who very nearly helped him knock off John McCain in 2008 and were prepared to win him the nomination in 2012, who among the remaining potential candidates has a chance of picking up the votes of social conservatives, who made up 60% of GOP caucus-goers in Iowa in 2008?

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