The uproar over religious education in schools is reaching fever pitch, with all the usual suspects (the ABC, the Age, etc.) going ballistic as they whip up hysteria about this matter. Indeed, it is just like the witch hunts of old, with all kinds of panic mongering and gloom and doom-ism.

The old chestnut about church and state separation is of course being thrown around here, with all the usual muddled thinking surrounding it. As if schools and education can ever be completely neutral and value-free. Such a condition does not exist. All knowledge, all education, and all learning is impacted by one’s worldview, by one’s values, and by one’s belief systems.

And it so happens today that the number one belief system being promulgated in our schools today is secular humanism. Indeed, it is the default position, and it is being force-fed to our children every single day of their lives. This in fact is the religion of modern education.

A religion did you say? You heard me right bub. Not only did the US Supreme Court declare secular humanism to be a religion, but plenty of the early secular humanists quite proudly proclaimed the religious nature of their belief system.

Only later, when they realised that they too could get booted out of schools because of the bogus “separation of church and state” nonsense, did they stop admitting to their religious basis. I have written before about this, offering a number of quotes along the way:

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