The liberal activists we know as secularists do not behave as broadly as the term might imply.  When held to their own standards of tolerance and fairness, these focused meddlers fail because, in truth, secularists are just anti-Christians.  The intriguing question is why.

First, are secularists particularly hostile to Christianity?  A recent study indicated a marked bias against Christians by university faculties.  These faculties are a good proxy for secularists in general.  Among other unsurprising findings, the study observed:

[…] political liberalism is the dominant ideology on college campuses, especially in the social sciences and humanities. This study demonstrates that this political ideology is not benign. Indeed, it may be connected to a hostility and prejudice about a major religious group in America.

Although faculty generally oppose religion in the public sphere, many endorse the idea that Muslims should express their religious beliefs in American politics.  Faculty are far less likely to endorse Evangelical Christians expressing their beliefs in American politics.

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