Don Lemon has come out as gay and he insists it was never a choice to be attracted to the same sex.

“I was born gay just as I was born black,” the CNN anchor said this week on “The Joy Behar Show.”

One Christian agrees with Lemon that same-sex attraction is not a choice. Tim Wilkins, a Southern Baptist, struggled with homosexual feelings for years.

He admits, “I did not choose to be attracted to the same sex.”

But he adds, “One of life’s mysteries is that we don’t get to choose our temptations.”

Yes, it is a temptation and not an orientation, he maintains. Research has yet to reveal a “gay gene,” but even if same-sex attractions were proven to be inborn, Wilkins, who leads Cross Ministry and speaks to both Christians and nonbelievers about homosexuality, says that doesn’t mean it’s normal.

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