I’m glad to be of Jewish ancestry. I’m generally supportive of Israel and am still surprised to encounter left-wing Jews who ally with anti-Israeli Muslims. There’s a name for such folks: Self-hating Jews. Why did Jewish comedienne Roseanne Barr call Israel “a Nazi state”? Emory University professor Sander Gilman, author of Jewish Self-Hatred (1986), notes, “One of the most recent forms of Jewish self-hatred is the virulent opposition to the existence of the State of Israel.”

My friend Michael Horowitz has called evangelicals “the new Jews” in terms of facing discrimination and even loathing in some academic and other circles. If so, I’d like to suggest—after reading Rob Bell and others—that we should start referring to evangelical self-hatred. Among the self-haters are those who display virulent opposition to the existence of churches that are not emergent, or don’t meet in a house, or are not radically redistributionist, or are not something other than standard.

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