The end of the world for “true Christians” is less than 48 hours away – that is according to Harold Camping and his followers. And for non-believers, Camping says the world will be completely destroyed on Oct. 21. But the vast majority of Christians believe that Camping is misleading people with false prophecy.

Pastor Glenn Lee Hill, retired pastor from Rocky Mount, N.C., said false prophecy is harmful and saddening for the Christian body.

“Why? Because when it fails, all of us who believe in Jesus will become fodder for the comics, the late-night talk show hosts, and others who are always looking for a new excuse to mock our faith,” said Hill. “Christianity, the name of Jesus, and all of us who love Him will bear the embarrassment of this false prophecy.”

Yes, unavoidably the name of Jesus Christ will be dragged down and disrespected if the prophecy bears false. It’s worth noting that Camping had also predicted that the world would end in 1994, but his numerology was apparently off.

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