It’s one thing to be disappointed in someone.

It’s entirely another thing when someone is disappointed in you.

I experienced that recently when I sat across the table from my friend at lunch as she tearfully recounted the many ways I had disappointed her. I hadn’t called in quite awhile, I failed to notice when she was going through a difficult time, and we didn’t get together as often as we used to.

I had hurt her. And in hearing about it, it hurt me.

I hate disappointing people. And yet, it seems to happen more and more, as my responsibilities increase and my opportunities for social time diminish.

I was frustrated at the fact that, if I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t have known what to do differently in order to not hurt this friend.

“I give up,” I told God aloud as I drove home from lunch that day. “I don’t want one more conversation with a friend who is going to tell me how I’ve disappointed her. I don’t know what to do anymore to keep people happy.”

It was one of those days when one complaint felt like a million – when one woman’s unhappiness with me represented the whole world’s disappointment with me.

If she could just see my heart, I thought to myself. Then she would know I had never intended to make her feel that way.

It encouraged me to know that there is One who really can see my heart …and yours. And our motives are never misunderstood by Him.

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