The Second Coming of Christ is a wonderful and repeatedly taught doctrine of Scripture. But with all biblical teachings, it is capable of being misused and abused. We have seen that just recently with yet another false prophet claiming that the end of the world is about to occur.

I have written before about the latest nutter, Harold Camping, and his moronic claims that May 21 was to have been judgment day. Of course, unless I have missed something big time, May 21 has come and gone, and things are just the same.

The problem is, these false prophets have a very corrosive influence on both believers and non-believers. Any believer who is taken in by these false prophets, only to discover that they were duped, can easily decide to abandon the faith altogether.

And nonbelievers simply laugh at the church, as they are given further ammunition to ridicule and reject the Christian faith. So it is doubly diabolical when these false prophets come on the scene and spout their deceptive lunacy. They will one day face the music for their deceit and deception.

So what then is the biblical teaching on the return of Christ? While there are some details which believers can differ on, hopefully all Christians can agree on several basics here. One is the fact that Jesus is in fact coming again, and it will be a bodily return of Christ to earth. This return will be manifest to everyone. Plenty of passages speak to this:

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