Pastors from all the three church leagues in the country have declared a religious crisis.

They claim Christianity is facing a serious threat of becoming unpopular among the populace because there is a faction of pastors who are not born again yet lead ministries. They said these pastors have multiple sexual concurrent partners, which has mutated them into becoming forerunners in the spread of HIV, instead of implementing initiatives to curb the epidemic.

The men of the cloth made these startling revelations during the Public Services International (PSI) talkshow session at Mountain Inn yesterday.

The meeting was held to engage the church leaders on how they could help in the fight against HIV and AIDS as part of the ongoing ‘Choose One Partner’ campaign pioneered by PSI with other strategic stakeholders.

Over 80 pastors from the Swaziland Conference of Churches, League of Churches and Swaziland Council of Churches attended the meeting, which was chaired by Reverend Johannes Mazibuko, a member of the Swaziland Conference of Churches.

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