It might just be Sarah Palin’s last chance to re-establish herself as a viable presidency candidate ahead of the 2012 US elections in the wake of a disastrous PR run. A new film commissioned by Palin, the former governor of Alaska, will present her as a Joan of Arc-like figure beset at every turn by vicious leftwing enemies seeking to thwart her ambition of reviving the conservative legacy of Ronald Reagan.

The Undefeated has been shot by rightwing film-maker Steven K Bannon, who met the documentary’s $1m costs from his own pocket. Palin initially reached out to the director with the aim of recruiting him to work on videos pushing her cause, but Bannon offered to make a feature-length film instead.

Rife with religious imagery, the movie will chart Palin’s rise from Alaskan “soccer mom” to vice-presidential candidate. Drawing on content from Palin’s book Going Rogue: An American Life, which has sold more than 2m copies, the film will seek to explain her decision to step down as governor of Alaska following her unsuccessful run alongside John McCain in 2008.

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