Brad Pitt, star of the movie “The Tree of Life,” has been speaking out more about his resentment towards religion.

In a recent interview with Time magazine, Pitt was asked about his position on the Christian narrative of “The Tree of Life” and he explained that although he was struck by the spirituality of the film and the peace he can find through it, he is not fond of religion.

“I’d say that ‘Tree of Life’ is not a Christian so much as a spiritual film,” he said. “I was surprised, watching it last night, how powerfully it struck me. What the film was saying to me is that there is an unexplained power; there is this force. And maybe peace can be found, but not by trying to explain it with the religion. Maybe there’s peace to be found just in that acceptance of the unknown.”

Brad Pitt briefly mentioned that he grew up in a Christian environment but that the religion is no longer for him.

“As I became an adult – it doesn’t work for me,” he told the magazine.

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