Church shopping is symptomatic of a deep longing for God. However, it suffers from an inadequate ecclesiology, which is a theology of the Church. We do not make the Church in our image, the Church re-makes us into Christ’s Image through the grace which is mediated through the Sacraments, revealed in His Word and experienced in our ecclesial life.

In a Saturday morning visit to the book store I noted the following title “They like Jesus but Not the Church: Insights from Emerging Generations”. In a quick review of its contents, I saw nothing new. This claim emerges repeatedly in some Christian circles, the notion that you can separate Jesus from His Church. The very concept would have seemed nonsensical to the early Christians and it still should to those who choose to stand on their shoulders and carry forward the fullness of Christianity into a waiting world.

Years ago I heard a program on Public Radio dedicated to examining the growth of what is often called the “Mega Church” movement in Western Protestant Christianity. It took a similar approach to dismissing the church as an optional extra. The “emerging church” movement is the newest version of this brand. The title of that program was “Big Churches Use Technology to Branch Out.” It focused specifically on a trend toward building “Satellite” churches. These are places where the sermons or messages are delivered to the assembly over a video conference.

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