To be honest, it was a shock. It was like:

1) Discovering some ancient sepia-toned pictures with curling edges in an old cigar box that prove your grandma spent her youth as a hooker in Amsterdam.

And not one of those wholesome hookers who look like somebody’s sister only with redder lipstick, either. One of those mean-looking chicks in leather with whips and ominous-looking devices.

2) Learning Stephen Harper is a closet socialist with a secret plan to make gay marriage mandatory.

3) The day I found out there was no Santa Claus.

All these paled in the face of the fact that in Canada, punk bands take government grants to rail against … well, the things governments stand for.

Even D.O.A. takes government grants, which in my books just rendered them every bit as relevant as The Partridge Family.

Sun Media’s Ezra Levant noticed a band called Living With Lions took government money to put out a CD called Holy S—. Cover art looks like a Bible. Jesus portrayed as … well. You get it.

Their record label got $13,000 from a government arts agency to produce it.

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