E. Stanley Jones (1884-1973), called ‘the greatest missionary since St. Paul,’ was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize several times. Jones was awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize in 1961, and he wrote an interesting anecdote in his book, Gandhi: Portrayal of a Friend.

“A great many people came to India and asked the Mahatma foolish questions. Among the most foolish questions ever asked him was this one: “What do you think of Stanley Jones?”

The Mahatma replied: “He is a very earnest man, and a very sincere man, but he is too certain about religion and therefore lacks humility.”

Jones clarifies that the Mahatma was right from his standpoint because Gandhi looked at salvation as an attainment through disciplined effort, he once told Jones, “If one is to find salvation, he must have as much patience as a man who sits by the seaside and with a straw picks up a single drop of water, transfers it, and thus empties the ocean.”

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