A former Harold Camping student who abandoned “Campingism,” shared with The Christian Post what the 89-year-old broadcaster was like before he began prophesying about the end of the world and what ex-followers think of him now.

Pastor Trevor Hammack, from Victory Baptist Church in Ovalo, Texas, spoke with CP on Tuesday, retracing his journey from the beginning, when he was attracted to Family Radio, to the end, when he chose to leave after he saw Camping’s first doomsday prediction fail.

It never occurred to the 42-year-old pastor that Camping would move away from the very first thing that drew him to his teachings – orthodox historical Christianity. When he was getting ready to go to his first base in the military, he hoped to find a Christian sponsor to help him settle in the new town in Nebraska.

His prayer was answered; the family that had taken him was not only Christian but they also showed devotion to their faith by listening to a radio station that had conservative music, Bible readings and Bible teachings that were very in-depth.

“So that attracted me to them and then starting from 1990 and early on I contacted Family Radio to join their school of the Bible and I became a student and I was part of that school up to 1994 prediction that did not come to pass. And so that’s why I was drawn to Family Radio and I made contact with them,” he shared.

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