“Once again another Ayatollah has served warning to the government leaders regarding the spread of Christianity in Iran”

“Mesbah Yazdi” who is famous for his fundamentalist and extremist beliefs, especially regarding the Shiite beliefs, in his most recent comments on the rapid spread of Christianity in Iran has admitted that actions taken by the government and all the funds allocated to this goal have all but failed.

Iranian Christian News, Mohabat News, reports that less than one year from the time that Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in a speech related to the latest presidential elections called the public outcry and protests regarding the outcome of the elections a “Menace”, demanding that “this country-wide menace must be controlled like a virus”, and accused the republic’s enemies of anarchy and allowing mysticism and false religions like Baha’ism and the House-Church Christianity to spread, his cronies have begun to shout “Islam Only!” and crush the head of any open-minded and liberal thinker.

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