Some say it’s global warming. Others say 2011 has seen so much weird weather, it’s global “weirding.”

The year began with massive snowstorms and incredibly cold weather. Then as spring came, wild weather pushed disaster after disaster across the American heartland.

Epic fires burned more than 2.5 million acres in tinder-dry Texas. Near record-breaking floods drove the Mississippi and other rivers far out of their banks. All of that was followed by the legion of deadly tornadoes, killing more people than in any year since 1950.

Environmental Payback?
“This has been totally devastating,” said Rich Serino, FEMA deputy administrator, surveying the damage left behind by the massive tornado that crushed much of Joplin, Mo.

“We look at each disaster on its own merit and this one is certainly among the worst that I’ve ever seen.”

Missourian Tony Evans opined: “We’ve been taking the earth for granted, you know. I guess it’s paying us back.”

Some say the earth is paying humanity back because they believe in global warming, something they say is partly brought on by humans.

“This year has really been the perfect year for tornadoes,” said Heidi Cullen, a climatologist and believer in global warming. “More extreme events like droughts, heat waves, wildfires—those are phenomenon that we very much expect to see more of as we move into a warmer world,” she told CBN News.

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