I’ve always blamed my lack of acting jobs on myself; my weight, my age, my talent (or lack thereof) my location (I live in Florida). But now, drumroll please, 27-year-old Ben Shapiro, summa cum laude UCLA graduate and cum laude Harvard Law graduate, author of “Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV,” has given me permission to sue Hollywood for discrimination!

Shapiro has proven, with over 70 audio-taped interviews of the Hollywood elite, that there is not only a liberal bias and a conscious liberal agenda, but an outright “McCarthy-ish” blacklist against conservative artists, writers and actors. I knew it!

But, how do you prove discrimination? Your agent doesn’t call you and say, “Vicki, you didn’t get the role. The producer said he hates Christians,” or “Hi, Victoria! The director said he did not give you the role because you are an outspoken conservative.” Oh, no. Your agent calls and says, “They went a different way,” or “I can’t get you an audition for that, they already cast the role.”

Discrimination isn’t direct. Discrimination is a fog that permeates an institution or a culture, silently and stealthily seeping into the cracks, touching everything yet invisible, unheard and un-acknowledged. It needed to have a light shone upon it. Now it can dissipate.

Ben Shapiro was born under the Hollywood sign. His dad is a film composer. His mother runs business affairs for several reality shows. Ben used to think that the claim of anti-conservative discrimination was “overblown and self-serving,” put out there by the sour-grapes-ers who just “couldn’t hack it in Hollywood” … until it happened to him.

Ben explains, “(Aaron Spelling’s former partner) Leonard Goldberg (“Blue Bloods”) suggested I write a pilot for him based on Harvard Law. I did that, and then found an agent. The agent was excited about working together. About three weeks later, he called me and told me he didn’t know if he could represent me. I asked why, and he told me that one of his agents had sent off my stuff to a producer in town. The producer had Googled me, found my politics and told the agent that he would never work with someone of my political persuasion.”

How did Ben get taped interviews with over 70 Hollwood big shots? He called them. He told them his name, Shapiro, and that he graduated from Harvard Law School. He used buzz words like “social justice” and “diversity.” He wore a baseball cap. They assumed he was a leftie. They relaxed and told the truth.

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