The Senate Commerce Committee is planning an incentive auction bill markup this week on S.911.

The markup could pave the way for the Federal Communications Commission to pay broadcasters to make more room for wireless broadband by moving off some of their spectrum.

If the bill passes, it could have a dramatic impact on Christian television stations. That’s because the government is working to take airwaves away from low-power broadcasters—and Christian television stations typically fall into that category. If successful, the bill could squash channels like Daystar.

“The bill currently in Senate Committee has no provisions that are truly acceptable to the low-power TV owner or operator,” says Marcus Lamb, president and CEO of Daystar. “Daystar, who within its network has many LPTVs around the country, wishes to impress on the Senate, before a Bill S.911 reaches the floor of the Senate, that without necessary provisions, many millions of homes, will find themselves without programming that networks such as Daystar provides.”

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