Homosexual activists and their PC sympathisers never rest, but are ever on the lookout for new ways to advance this radical minority group agenda, whether the majority likes it or not. Any excuse will do to further foist this agenda upon an unwilling public.

It is rarely done in a democratic fashion, but is usually force-fed upon the rest of us. And all sorts of gimmicks are used to get these results. One of the key ways is to throw around the mantra, “diversity”. Whenever you hear that word being used in a social or political setting, it can almost be guaranteed that it has to do with the coercive promotion of homosexualism.

In the name of diversity all sorts of PC nonsense has been inflicted upon us, and it is a never ending assault upon the will of the majority. The most recent example of this activist campaign can be found in the Victorian council of Hobsons Bay.

Says one news report, “It is believed Hobsons Bay is the first Victorian municipality to have an advisory committee for ‘gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, intersex and queer’ communities.” The article continues, “Hobsons Bay City wants the group to have input into relevant council policies so the groups can ‘observe their own sexuality and cultural practices without being discriminated against or disadvantaged’.”

The “D” word was of course pulled out and bandied about here: “Hobsons Bay deputy mayor and GLBTIQ advisory committee chairman Tony Briffa said councils had a duty to ensure community services were appropriate and accessible to their diverse citizens.”

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