It is a sad fact of life that our most vulnerable and most innocent members are most at risk of exploitation and abuse. Children need all the protection they can get from any sort of harm or predatory assaults. If we fail to protect our children we can no longer call ourselves a civilised society.

Another fact of life is that the homosexual lifestyle is a dead-end lifestyle. By its very nature it is a sterile, barren lifestyle. Homosexuals cannot reproduce, so the only way they can continue is by recruitment. And there has been a sad history of older homosexuals recruiting younger people into their orbit.

Indeed, many homosexuals speak of being introduced to the homosexual lifestyle by someone older, while they were still in their teens. Consider this representative quote: “Nobody is fooled when we proclaim that the gay movement has nothing to do with kids and their sexuality. . . . Many of us – both women and men – had our first homosexual experience with partners who were older than ourselves”. Indeed, one study found that 75 per cent of homosexual men report their first homosexual experience before the age of sixteen. This compares to 22 per cent of heterosexual men reporting their first heterosexual experience.

A well known saying affirms that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Homosexual activists know this all too well. As one lesbian put it, “Whoever captures the kids owns the future”. Thus we find the constant attempts by homosexual activists to influence children.

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