A 1,500-year-old building from the Byzantine period was discovered in Acre during construction of an uncompleted Azrieli Group-owned shopping mall parking lot, about 100 meters west of the Tel Akko archeological dig.

The remains were covered with sand and a special textile for preservation on Monday morning. The Antiquities Authority believes the building was likely a church, due to its size and the artifacts found inside, but the structure will not be available for public viewing.

The parking lot will cover some of the remains, and a fence will be constructed around the uncovered portion. A sign with more information about the site will be erected next to the fence, said Israel Ben-Ezra, an adviser to Acre Mayor Shimon Lankri.

Antiquities Authority excavators discovered pottery, coins, roof tiles and a floor mosaic.

One of the ashlar-constructed edifice’s courtyards had a well, and terracotta pipes (old plumbing apparatuses) were uncovered in the building’s foundation.

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