We all know church leaders are a big target around the world. What better way to deprive the world of hope that to destroy the lives of leaders in the local church. Every day, we see called men and women of God stepping out of church work, falling to moral failure or taking general spiritual hits from the enemy. The big ones show up on the news, the rest of them show up in our cities and churches and impact the lives of thousands. In every instance of spiritual attack, there is one place where the battle begins: the heart.

If our spiritual enemy can get even a foothold, we give way and render ourselves wide open for a full on attack. Jesus waits for us to trust and call on him, then use our brains to protect our hearts. Protecting our hearts is not something we SHOULD do, it is something we MUST do. There is too much at stake in our relationship with Christ, in our families and in our churches. Here are 5 Ways to Protect the Heart of a Leader.

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