A pro-homosexual advocate named Ed Himes sent a lengthy letter to American Vision decrying how groups like American Vision and the American Family Association (the targeted recipient) “continue to harass, degrade and demean the Gay Community on a regular basis.” He objects to Christians who “pick on a group of good people that are NOT BAD and who hurts [sic] NO-ONE.”

Mr. Himes’ operating assumption is that homosexuality is not a morally bad behavior and does not have bad consequences. Of course, in a godless universe nothing is good or bad, but only pleasant or unpleasant, depending on one’s point of view. Definitive moral distinctions can’t be made. Once a person enters a God-defined world, defining good and bad is the prerogative of God. In a non-God world, people are free to do what they want. This includes rejecting homosexual behavior (or any behavior for that matter). There is no cosmic moral governor that stands in judgment over anyone’s beliefs or actions. Homosexuals recognize this, so they use bullying tactics to force compliance to their worldview.

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