Joe Scheidler, national director of the Pro-Life Action League, is responding to the Chicago Tribune’s article, “State abortion records full of reporting gaps,” which reveals that thousands of abortion complications have gone unreported.

The front-page article shows that not reporting abortions is not only illegal but unethical, because it’s the only way that the state can know what types of complications have occurred, and how many women actually got abortions. Also, by not reporting abortions, the state may have allowed abortion providers to operate “off the books.”

Scheidler is not surprised by the findings, and his entire letter to the Tribune is below:

To those of us in the Pro-Life movement, Tribune reporter Megan Twohey’s well-done front-page story, “State abortion records full of reporting gaps,” presents no surprises. But it presents much information the public needs to know. While we stand outside most Illinois abortion facilities and hand out literature explaining the hazards of abortion, it is important that the public be aware of the astounding facts Twohey presents in her article.

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