Rumblings from his administration have some conservatives concerned that President Barack Obama may be planning to endorse same-sex marriage this week or next as a gesture honoring Gay Pride month.

The president has two big meetings with gay constituents coming up – a $1,250-a-plate “Gala with the Gay Community” in Manhattan this week and a Gay Pride reception at the White House on June 29.

Although he has already signed a proclamation this month, as Obama has done every year he has been in office, declaring June as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) month, many expect Obama to do something grand for the meetings.

An anonymous Democratic strategist close to the White House told The New York Times that preparation is underway in anticipation that Obama may possibly make a statement endorsing gay marriage. The move, if done, would be a complete reversal of his 2008 campaign statements that he opposed gay marriage.

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