For those who name the Name which is above all names, that blessed Name of Christ, there are many things in this life and in this world that are worth knowing. Some of those things are worthy of passionate pursuit. Fewer of those things are worthy of taking a stand to defend. Still fewer of those things are worthy of sacrifice on our part, and a precious few worthy of our very lives.

My wife, our youngest son, and I have been involved in living history re-enactment of the last military engagement fought on British soil, the Jacobite Rising of 1745-1746 for the past eleven years. After learning of our Scottish ancestry and delving into Scottish history, we began the slow but steady process of building our “kit,” the clothing and personal accessories, camp equipment, weapons, etc., that are required for an authentic portrayal of  personae of this time period.

When we first began our participation in re-enactment events, our son and I portrayed Scottish Highland warriors in the Army of King James and my wife portrayed a camp follower providing logistical and moral support for her men. There was during the first four years of our involvement in these events no chaplain to provide, among other ministerial services, Sunday morning worship services for born-again Christians. God had it in his mind to change that.

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